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02 February 2010 @ 06:41 am
February Prompt: Valentine's Day!  
Hey Schmoopers!

Your February prompt, of course, is Valentine's Day!

Tell me what Jared and Jensen do to celebrate with each other. Are we talking candy hearts and mushy declarations of love? Vacations in a swanky hotel? Burned dinner and smoke alarms? A pact to ignore the whole damn thing? Are they separated and having to reassure each other over the phone? Does Jared make a construction paper card? Does he draw a heart in the foam on Jensen's latte? Does Jensen write a song for Jared? Or, maybe he agrees to a whole weekend of sports and DVDs of Jared's choosing? You tell me!

As long as there is love and schmoop then I WANT TO KNOW. *makes grabby hands*

Happy February!