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notjustroomates's Journal

they're not just roomates
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Interviewer: We’ve heard that you’ve recently moved and that you’re now the housemate of Jared Padalecki in Vancouver. Is this true?

Jensen: "Yes, we live together, but with the purest of intentions, even if he’s constantly harassing me for sexual favors. As a matter of fact, he bought this house last year and then asked me to move in with him. I think he was feeling a little lonely with just his dogs to keep him company. It made a lot of sense, since we already spend a lot of time with each other. We’re pretty much like brothers and we’re the best of friends. We hardly ever argue at all."

Just roommates, huh? Sure thing boys!

This is a community for all Jensen/Jared fiction, but this we will also hold a challenge every month. You don't have to enter, but it is there if you need it! A prompt will be provided every month by one of the mods, and you have one month to post your fic. After one month, a new prompt will be provided, as will a review of the past month's entries. Enjoy!


This community is focused on J2 fic only. We want schmoop! And romance! And happy endings!
1. Only Jensen/Jared fic please
2. All fic must be schmoopy in some way, shape, or form
3. If you have a banner, please put under a cut
4. Please put all fics under a cut, and make sure the cut works :)
5. Have fun, most of all!

Let's spread the fluffy OTP love!

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